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Zola's Closet Staples

We asked our fav Canadian fashion guru, Zola Jeffers to tell us her top styles choices for a well-balanced shoe closet! Here's the scoop:

1. White Low Cut Sneakers - My favs are Nike Air Forces. Just an easy, non committal shoe that can be used for any outfit. Whether dressing down a suit look, or a simple white tee and jeans look. They are just Easy!

2 .Animal Print Thigh High - Snakeskin, leopard, tiger it doesn’t matter. Just have one. They provide an automatic boost to any look and are definitely an attention grabber. I would suggest a neutral toned animal print look (somewhere in the brown palette realm) as it allows for more usage with a greater array of looks.

3. Neon Runners- Neons have become the new neutral ironically. The brightness allows it to be paired with almost anything without having to wonder “Ooo does this even match?”...The answer is ‘No’ and it doesn’t have to!

4. Clear/ Transparent Shoe- These are the actual neutrals. They go with EVERYTHING! When in doubt, throw on a Cinderella slipper and you can never go wrong. Just ensure your toes are as presentable as possible because they WILL be seen.

5. Leather Combat Boot - The automatic “edge giver”...combat boots are a closet staple because they add a jagged edge to your wardrobe. It can complete an all leather look or be paired with a beautiful flowy dress.

6. Wedge- Since quarantine and being in flats (slippers/runners/mules) all the time; wedges are the perfect transition from flats to heels with less of the pressure. You get the height of a heel with the (almost) comfortability of a flat.

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