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femme /fem/ “noun” a female.
finesse /fe ‘nes/ “verb” to do something with great skill and style.

Statement of Purpose: Be Femme Finesse, INC. is a collective group of professional women who are changing the world and influencing culture. We create safe spaces and opportunities  for women to learn, grow, network and be creative while building lucrative and sustainable businesses. Our Femme properties will be designed to provide our members with resources that  are needed and beneficial to their business. Some of our amenities will include a studio, shared creator space, podcast studio, computer lab, technology rental, subject focused seminars/webinars, digital streaming platform, & much more. Through our podcast and media platforms we focus on amplifying women voices and their businesses. The existence of our scholarship program is proof that we understand that one of the largest hurdles some woman may face is not ability, but access. We believe in the unified power of Femme, and therefore our mission is simple… We create space for women to build and be successful. 

Mission: Be Femme Finesse, INC. was created to empower, strengthen, and unite women to be inspired and to connect in a safe space for creating, learning, and sharing. Our passion for the causes that we care about can unite us with one purpose and provide the ability to serve each other and the underprivileged.

"A glowing woman can help other women glow

& still be lit.⁣"


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Office Space 2.png


Currently, we are located in the Foundry Building in Buffalo, NY. This is first home and we look forward to expanding to a larger facility to bring even more

services to the community.

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