femme /fem/ “noun” a female.
finesse /fe ‘nes/ “verb” to do something with great skill and style.

The word Finesse is a word that is used out of it’s true potential. To finesse in one's career means to make it happen against the odds. It means that you go against the grain and sometimes challenge yourself to take on tasks that you might not even know how to do at first. It means, instead of saying “No, I can’t do that” you just go for it and give it your all. You might need to learn how to do it but you WILL get it done with skill and style.

Be Femme Finesse, INC. was created to empower, strengthen, and unite women to be inspired, to connect in a safe space where creativity, learning, life experiences, passion for the causes we care about can unite us with one purpose and have the ability to serve each other and the underprivileged.

"A glowing woman can help other women glow

& still be lit.⁣"