femme /fem/ “noun” a female.
finesse /fe ‘nes/ “verb” to do something with great skill and style.

The word Finesse is a word that is used out of it’s true potential. To finesse in one's career means to make it happen against the odds. It means that you go against the grain and sometimes challenge yourself to take on tasks that you might not even know how to do at first. It means, instead of saying “No, I can’t do that” you just go for it and give it your all. You might need to learn how to do it but you WILL get it done with skill and style. How many times in your career have you taken on a job that you didn’t know how to do initially, but you used all of your resources and skills to yield the result that you needed? You Finessed it girl! To be Femme is the epitome of a Boss Female. We’re delicate, we’re  classy, but we can roll our sleeves up and get down and dirty. We don’t make excuses, and if there’s no room for us, we go and create our own lanes. A lot of women don’t realize, that by lifting up the next female, you go with her! This is the year of the Femme Finesse. We are a breed of women who never make excuses and never quit. We sleep sometimes, but the goal really is to get rest. Sharing the spotlight is the goal, and the time is now. Like right now!

We uplift, encourage and promote. Be Femme Finesse is the platform for female bosses.

"A glowing woman can help other women glow

& still be lit.⁣"


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