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"Choose Your Color"

Choosing a nail color at the salon, can literally feel like choosing one of those suitcases on Deal or No Deal. Anxiety sets in! When it comes to style and fashion, we believe that rules are meant to be broken. However, we came up with a list that may help the decision making process easier. But at the end of the day, remember, you can change it all in two weeks or less!

Matching a Particular Outfit

The easiest and most obvious nail selection process comes when you're trying to match a particular outfit. This narrows down many of the other colors and boils down to which part of the outfit you're trying to match. Things to consider: You can match the clothing, accessories, shoes or even your makeup.

Think About Your Current Fashion Vibe

One of the first things you can think about, if you're not getting your nails done for a particular outfit, is how your fashion vibes have been recently. Knowing the colors of your current wardrobe will help you to narrow down on the colors that will fit your upcoming style choices.

Nails for Each Season

Full Disclosure: We are not the "this is in season" type of gals. Colors have NO rules in our opinion, however to satisfy the minds of those who do appreciate color matching for the season, we're including this section.

Every season comes with shades of colours to make you look fun and festive. Spring and summer call for warm colours and pastels such as green, yellow, orange, red, and anything that screams bright! Fall and winter are on the other side of the spectrum such as your cool and deep colours of blue, purple, dark orange, neutrals, silver and so on.

For the warmer months, coral shades are a popular choice among young women. As for the cooler months, a deep burgundy or plum nail colour is very common. But of course, experiment with your seasonal colours and see what works best for you!

Colors for the Eclectic Girls

Glitters, glitters, glitters! Did we mention glitters?!? Silver glitter is like the most versatile polish that can fit so many outfits. If you're anything like us, just staring at the sparkles in the light can just melt the color. But don't sleep on other glitter colors. Blues, greens, reds and everything in between can make the best polish choices. But one thing to highly consider is to make sure that the polish is high-quality and not thin or else the color won't have as much pigmentation when used on your nails.

Wear Every Color!

Okay this is a bit of a stretch here. But it's kinda true. The color white is considered to be a combination of all colors in the color spectrum. Okay, we'll get to the point-getting your nails painting white is always a win win. It's just got this super clean, super classy appeal to it. Toes look great in basically all heels and it matches nearly every outfit. The only downside to white is on the hands when makeup and other topicals get scuffed in them (but we recommend wearing latex gloves as a hack).

Wear No Color!

Okay, you're on to us! The opposite of all colors is no color, so black would be the technical answer to this. Black nails are very polished and clean. Some of us have been in that phase where we've worn black for months at a time. It's like the cheat code of all polish choices.

Plain Jane!

Of course we wanted to represent for our corporate divas out there. Nudes are popping up everywhere in fashion and nail color is no exception. Nude colors, or colors that are dark and not too outstanding are the way to go when you're trying to stay low key.

But again babes, rules are meant to be broken! And heck, if you did end up getting a color you regret, make the most out of it and book your next appointment in advance because nothing lasts forever!!

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