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The Femme Campus will prioritize the employment and education of individuals in the community. Our platform provide opportunities to the diverse professionals right in the community who are equipped to educate and provide resources. We believe that by employing qualified people who are already in the community, we can provide a culture of unity.

The inclusion of men in the community will absolutely be at the heart of our mission to further promote unity and collaboration.



  • Brand Development

  • Customer Service Skills

  • Financial Literacy

  • Marketing & Advertisement

  • Social Media Training

  • Public Speaking

  • Confidence Building

  • Computer Technology

  • Investing for the Future

  • Public Safety

  • Survival Skills

  • Personal Development

  • Healthy Living

  • Family Dynamics

  • Mental Health Care

  • Classes On-Demand

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  • Safe Facility

  • Computers

  • Camera

  • Live Studio/Equipment

  • Audio recording space

  • Digital Library

  • Metaverse Studio

  • E-learning Room

  • Quiet Space

Femme Floorplan copy.png


1 – Entry/Proposed Small Retail Shop 

2 – Proposed Selfie Wall

3 – Alisha's Office and Storage Space 

4 – Podcast Studio

5 – Live TV Studio 

6 – Computer Lab/Technology Rental

7 – Restroom

8 – Cleaning Closet with Mop Sink

9 – Creator Space/Webinars 

Femme Campus.png


Created by the amazing students at Villa Maria College

•Sample Floorplan is 2,000 Sq. Ft. (between desired 1500-2500 sq ft.)

•Used materials like old interiors in Buffalo since the building chosen will most likely not be a new build. (Ex: Brick and Tin ceiling)

•Followed ADA accessibility codes: 

•Hallways are +60" for turn around area

•Bathrooms are equipped with safety handrail 

•Doorways are +32"

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