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Galentine's Day as a Boss

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

One thing that has shifted in 2021 is the year of the boss! The things that mattered so much in the years past have taken a backseat to being an entrepreneur and handling business. BUT, that hasn't completely eliminated the excitement of Valentine's Day. There are different ways to celebrate now. Here is a list we curated for celebrating Galentine's Day as a Boss.

  1. Heavy on the Self-Care! Go all out with setting up the cutest bubble bath and aroma thearapy set up that you can think of. The more decorations the better. Think rose pedals, balloons, candles, music, bath bombs, fruit and more! Soak and vibe.

  2. Royal Pallette. Set up a spread of your favorite gourmet meal, seafood, cheeses, fruits, nuts, and chocolates. Real Marie Antoinette vibes!

  3. Fine as Wine. Don't forget your favorite wines or sparkling beverages. Go all out because after all, this is for YOU. Make it fancy, make it bubbly.

  4. Grab the Garb. We all have some staple pieces in our closet that we absolutely love. Well, now is the time to put that on! Dress up and make it chic. Get dressed and show out for 'you' babe.

  5. Bougie Flix. Tune in to your favorite movie or show that makes you feel fabulous when watching. For us that is Marie Antoinette, Bridgerton, Coming to America, The Devil Wears Prada, Bring It On, Clueless, Think Like A Man, Mean Girls, Dream Girls & Hidden Figures, just to name a few!

  6. You Want It, Buy It. Don't forget the gift. Treat yourself for all the hard work you put in daily. Beauty products, a new outfit, shoes, that dream bag, anything you've had on your mind to get for yourself, now is the time.

Never forget to stop and appreciate the milestones you've made no matter how small.

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