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Cheyenne Forde


My name is Cheyenne Forde and I am a Buffalo State University alumna. I designed in my first fashion show during my freshman year of college thanks to my friend Monica. A year later I started my own clothing brand, Heuristic. During spring semester of my sophomore year, for the first time I debuted couture gowns made out of artificial leaves, butterflies and flowers. Soon after I became known as “The Girl with the Flower Dresses”. Eventually I began getting emails from other colleges and fashion events requesting to book me to showcase my work. Fashion isn’t my only true calling, I am also interested many other things, such as modeling and producing the scariest horror movie of the year. Modeling helped me understand what I wanted from the models that walked/posed in my clothing. It is now a hobby of mine that I am passionate about. By being in front of the camera, it has helped me understand what other brands and photographers desire from models. I now know the little details to look for when posing, I am able to take that knowledge when I am behind the camera directing my own photoshoots and runway walks. Heuristic means to, inspire other people to do something for themselves. That will always be my goal behind everything I set to achieve.

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