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Brittany La Bella

Diagnosed with Alopecia at the age of 6, Brittany La Bella the Hair Artist has used alopecia as the fuel to drive her passion for helping others to cope with the condition and generate more of an awareness. “AT THE AGE OF 18 THE DOCTOR TOLD ME I WOULD BE COMPLETELY BALD.” At this point Brittany realized that a change needed to be made. She purposed within herself that she would embrace alopecia and help others to do so as well. “BEING SO LIMITED WITH STYLES FORCED THE CREATIVITY RIGHT OUT!” Becoming skillful at concealing her glabrous areas she developed many techniques that she still uses on her clients today with much success. Through her experiences in dealing with Alopecia she realized the lack of compassion and accommodation that exists within most beauty salons regarding the condition. With that, she catered her business to growing and maintaining hair and helping those with alopecia. “I COULDN’T HAVE BEEN BLESSED WITH A BETTER GIFT.” Brittany encourages others through her many different hairstyles that alopecia does not have to be the end of your hair world. Due to her creative background and degree in Studio Art from the University at Buffalo, Brittany is able to come up with many different style solutions for all hair types and textures, although creative, styles are kept classy and polished. Although she is determined to make her mark in the world of hair care with a focus on alopecia her skills do not stop there. While being skilled in all Hair textures—Brittany La Bella keeps it creatively classy while being able to maintain natural or relaxed hair.

Phone: 7167486888



IG: @brittanylabella

Facebook: brittanylabella

Brittany la Bella & Co.

1805 hertel Ave Buffalo, NY 14216

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