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Alexis, the Drip Distributer

My name is Alexis, @_thedripdistributer. I have a fashion styling firm called Alexis Desarae’ LLC. based in Atlanta. I’m Originally from Buffalo, NY. I have a background in Fashion merchandising and textiles with a bachelors degree from buffalo state college. In 2018 I decided to leave buffalo with my then boyfriend , now husband, to pursue a career in fashion styling in Atlanta. On arrival I immediately started interning. Within these 4 years of living in Atlanta, I’ve been able to work on videos with artists as big as ti, mullato, rotimi, young thug and more. I did background assistant styling for Nelly on tour. I recently added set design to my resume as well as costume designer for a sketch comedy show currently streaming. And as of lately, I’m moving toward image consulting for professionals.

People assume fashion styling is glitz and glam but it’s the complete opposite. It’s running around the city to different stores and showrooms for hours at a time, long days and nights on set, hauling around heavy garment bags and suitcases full of shoes, accessories and more to multiple locations, shooting outside in bad weather, dealing with demanding celebrities or clients and so much more.

Although it isn’t as glamorous as people may think, I love what I do because The outcome is priceless. If you love your job , it never feels like work. I hope to one day open a non profit facility in buffalo that caters to young fashion professionals exposing them to all careers in the fashion industry.

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